1. It’s been ages since I’ve been emotionally attached enough to want to make proper fanart for anything, but BBC3’s In The Flesh is just that kind of show. The kind that shatters you, glues back the bits and pieces, and leaves you not quite the same as you were before.

    BBC3, the channel airing In The Flesh, is in a bit of a pickle. There’s a petition to save it, if you’re interested in supporting that. I’m not aware what progress has been made with regards to the petition, but I know I want BBC3 to stick around. I mean, it’s the channel that launched inventive shows like Being Human, Bad Education, and Mighty Boosh. So, there.

  2. Food illustrations made around the first week of January 2014, for The Diff. Illustrated under Serious Studio. See the full brand project here.

  3. Scrapped illustration for some product packaging. I’m very wary of anybody calling the pacific monsoon season “bed weather,” but that’s what happened with this particular job.

  4. Illustrations done way earlier this year for Pepper.ph's top food trends of 2013.

  5. Drawn while listening to a whole lot of Elliot Smith, and feeling a surge of teen emotions.