1. I’m exchanging portraits with Kara Chung!

    Have you seen her art instagram? It’s incredible.

  2. tagged by toucanparty

    draw what you wear!!

    • everyday outift

    • at home outfit

    • special occasion outfit

    if you are tagged you must draw the three outfits listed and then tag some people.

    If you feel like drawing some neat-ass outfits, consider yourself tagged!

    ETA: because it’s been asked on my other tumblr, the “at home outfit” is a batik daster (i.e., southeast asian old lady nightgown).

  3. Branding work, illustration and lettering, and murals created with Serious Studio during the first half of 2014. Local brands featured are hole in the wall gourmet restaurant The Girl + The Bull, craft beer gastropub The Perfect Pint, Angkas Journal, and music/lifestyle store Satchmi.

    Follow us on instagram and behance for updates.

  4. "Best dead friends forever. That’s non-negotiable."

  5. Food illustrations made around the first week of January 2014, for The Diff. Illustrated under Serious Studio. See the full brand project here.